We are registered company in Malaysia.We are providing a simple, faster and cheaper way for you to exchange Perfect Money.Payeer and Advcash.
We are an independent electronic money trader, we offer buying and selling perfectmoney.Payeer and Advcash.
We are capable to provide honest, trust worthy,good services and secure transactions to you.
We guaranteed all transctions will be completed within an hour after we received the payment/order.
We do not advocate any investment program, HYIP, and not related to any investment program,  investment company or website.
Exchange rate are disclosed and automatically are calculated and disclosed before buy/seller confirm an order.
User is solely responsible to follow exact payment instruction given by IRCONVERT.com needed to complete IRCONVERT. com orders. If user fails to follow exact payment instruction, such order will be automatically canceled without any refund.
All buying and selling must fill up order form and submit to us via this website. Each valid transaction is recorded with an order number as tracking record.
The information and materials contained in IRconvert.com website and the terms and conditions of theaccess to and use of such information and materials are subject to change without any notice.
Our services and similar services do not provide loans, do not take money from people under debt or nterest, and do not accept donations. When receiving messages of suspicious nature on our behalf with details similar to our or other details, please refrain from the implementation of these requirements there and tell about what happened to us.
In order to process an Order, the User is obligated to provide correct information. Please double-check the account numbers entered.
Once an Order has been processed, a transaction cannot be reversed.The User guarantees that the funds transferred to us are their own property.
The User explicitly guarantees that our Service is used for legal purposes only.
All commissions related to our Services are included in the exchange rate. There are no other commissions. 
Anti-Fraud and Money Laundering Prevention Policy:
In accordance with the international legislation,adheres to a number of rules that are directed at money prevention of money laundering (i.e. activity aimed at concealing the source of illegally obtained money or other capital assets) and other unlawful activity.
we reserves the right to suspend the account of the User and their current Orders until the User provides scans/copies of a government-issued photo IDs, as well as the proof of the funds' origin and other documents requested by the service.
we reserves the right to refuse service in case an episode of activity related to: money laundering, fraud of any kind, as well as any other unlawful activities such as buy and sell stolen credit card
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